I believe we are all artists, we are all creators.

For some of us it is clear from the moment we are born, and some of us discover it during life.

I believe we were all meant to create, to express ourselves and to enrich the world, but it took me a while to see myself as an artist.

At first I was a "photographer". From a very young age I was drawn to the ability to freeze moments and capture them through my point of view.

In time I was happy to find that people relate to my work and I began to engage in it professionally and commercially, selling my photography prints and by providing of photography services, mainly commercial and artistic portrait photography. My great love in photography is documenting and capturing people and cultures.

Then, after diving into the depths of the world of digital art, without noticing I also became a "designer", and in the end, contrary to all my beliefs that I just do not know how to paint - I became a "painter". I first drew using the computer, and today I am taking my first steps in the world of physical painting.

So I guess it all makes me an artist.

This site was created out of love and passion to share my works with the world, and I hope you enjoy visiting it.


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