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Michal Luzzatto
Photographer & Phototherapist

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"Ever since I can remember myself, I knew how to take photos. Not in the technical sense (it took the time to specialize in that), but in the emotional one.
I knew photography had to be more than just “taking beautiful photos”. It had to have a meaning, bigger than my own satisfaction.
After I started sharing my work with the world, I began to understand the undeniable power of photography. It became one of my main communication and self-expression methods, but it was only after I started shooting portraits when I discovered the healing power of photography.

This led me to learn the practice of phototherapy, which became my guiding voice throughout my work. Through my photography I aspire to focus on the good, and on the inconceivable beauty of the world, to which we have become a custom to and take for granted. I aspire to empower every person I have the privilege to photograph, and I wish my work will reach and move as many people as possible."

Michal is a photographer, phototherapist and photography instructor at Galitz - Israel's largest school of photography, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She is also an IP attorney, specialized in copyright and works with artists and entrepreneurs in order to help them protect their work, as well as lectures regularly to photographers, artists and creators on the importance of copyright protection.


Michal’s work has been published in many magazines and professional photography websites worldwide, such as: Landscape Photography Magazine, Atmosphere Magazine, Photography Blogger, Nonsense Society, Artscan and more, and has won honorable awards, including the Jerusalem International Photography Challenge "JerusaLENS", organized by the Jewish National Fund together with JNF USA, Ammunition Hill, Foreign Ministries, Tourism, Jerusalem and Heritage, Ltd. and with the support of HP and Venture Partners PICO. 

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