Ever since I can remember myself, I had a camera in my hand. With it I feel like a superhero with the power to freeze time and to show a different reality.

As you can see, my art can tell a lot about me. I like to travel and explore different places, cultures and people.

I love colors, and use special photographing and editing techniques in order to create a special painting-like vibe.

For me, photographing is a way of life, a way of experiencing life and last and maybe most important, a way of touching people.

My work has been published in Israel and worldwide on professional magazines and websites, such as:

Landscape Photography Magazine, Atmosfera Magazine (P. 24), Photography Blogger, Nonsense Society, Artscan

My work "Messiah" has been chosen as one of the winners on the International Photography Challange of Jerusalem "JerusaLENS", which was held by Jewish National Fund along with JNF USA, Ammunition Hill, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism, Jerusalem and Heritage, Government Press Office and with the support of HP and Venture Partners PICO.












Out of 14,500 photographs from 84 countries, 100 leading photographs were selected, and presented at the Jubilee exhibition at Ammunition Hill, and later the exhibition continued to wander through the Israeli and JNF delegations around the world.